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The Discovery Shooting Club had its beginnings in 1999, when a decision was made to hold a small shooting event, the Elliston Sport Shoot. Although this fun shoot only ran for a short time it demonstrated the great amount of interest that exists in the general area for the shooting sports. In this day and age it is becoming more and more difficult to find a place where one can legally use a firearm. It becomes even more difficult if you own a restricted firearm, such as a .22 pistol, that you cannot use for target practice unless you are a member of a Federally approved shooting club even in rural areas such as ours.


The introduction of the Peter Tucker Memorial Shooting Challenge (2001-2014) and its success in July 2001 resurrected the idea of establishing an organized shooting club. Shortly thereafter sign-up sheets were posted around several communities on the northern tip of the Bonavista Peninsula and on the Internet to estimate the potential support an organized shooting club would have in this area. After accumulating a great amount of interest the ball began rolling on this long-term project. With the support of several individuals, the cooperation of the Elliston Town Council and other government agencies a site was secured. It took more than two years of preparation, a great deal of paperwork and hard work to finally complete this project. In fact, all issues were not resolved until the latter part of 2002 and the range officially opened thereafter.


In 2006, the club became incorporated as a non-for-profit organization becoming officially the Discovery Shooting Club, Inc. During the winter of 2006/2007 the club realized its long term goal of extending its rather short rifle range to 100m. In 2014, a World War One replica trench was added and it is also a 45m rifle range. In 2018 the entire firing line shelter was upgraded/replaced.


The DSC now provides hunters/shooters with a safe location for sighting in hunting rifles and general target practice.



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