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How do I obtain a Firearm?

For the most part purchasing a firearm isn’t difficult. You can even buy a rifle or shotgun online these days provided you have the proper licence.


However, you must be age 18 or older and you must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. There are two courses: one for non-restricted firearms (basic long guns); and one for restricted firearms. Normally a person would complete the non-restricted course first.


Once you have passed the course and you will be issued a PAL (Possession & Acquisition Licence) and you may purchase firearms. You also need this licence to purchase ammunition. If you are purchasing restricted firearms (and are licenced for it) you will be asked for what purpose are you buying them? In the case of Discovery Shooting Club members it would be for target shooting.


Basically that is all there is to it! Just be sure to renew your licence every 5 years.


Full details on this process and more may be found @



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